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Doc and Angus are back, having read The Darkhold and understanding the evil that is inside, they present how this ancient tome may impact the future of the MCU. This is all in great anticipation of 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' coming to movie screens this week. Please drop us a message on the anchor app or send us an mp3 or email to

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Darkhold: Pages From The Book Of Sins - The Complete Collection

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Strange Tales (1951) (vol.1; #147) 

Strange Tales (1951) (vol.1; #148) 

Strange Tales (1951) (vol.1; #149) 

Strange Tales (1951) (vol.1; #150) 

Doctor Strange (1968) (vol.1; #176) 

Doctor Strange (1968) (vol.1; #177) 

Marvel Spotlight (vol.1; #3) 

Marvel Spotlight (vol.1; #4) 

Werewolf By Night (vol.1; #1) 

Werewolf By Night (vol.1; #3) 

Werewolf By Night (vol.1; #14) 

Tomb of Dracula (vol.1; #18) 

Werewolf By Night (vol.1; #15) 

Tomb of Dracula (vol.1; #19) 

Marvel Chillers (vol.1; #1) 

Marvel Chillers (vol.1; #2) 

Amazing Spider-Man Annual (Jan 1988) (vol.1; #22) 

X-Men Annual (1970) (vol.1; #12) 

Web of Spider-Man Annual (vol.1; #4) (Jan 1988) 

Avengers (1963) (vol.1; #185) 

Avengers (1963) (vol.1; #186) 

Avengers (1963) (vol.1; #187) 

Dracula Lives! (March 1974) (vol.1; #6) 

Thor (vol.1; #332) 

Thor (vol.1; #333) 

Doctor Strange (1974) (vol.2; #59) 

Doctor Strange (1974) (vol.2; #60) 

Doctor Strange (1974) (vol.2; #61) 

Doctor Strange (1974) (vol.2; #62) 

Doctor Strange (1974) (vol.2; #67) 

Doctor Strange (1974) (vol.2; #81) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #5) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #6) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #7) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #8) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #9) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #10) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #11) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #12) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #13) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #14) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #15) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #16) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #17) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #18) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #20) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #21) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #22) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #23) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #26) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #27) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #31) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #32) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #33) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #36) 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #90) 


Ghost Rider (vol.3; #28) “Rise of the Midnight Sons, Pt1: Visions”

Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance (vol.1; #1) “Rise of the Midnight Sons, Pt2”

Morbius: The Living Vampire (vol.1; #1) “Rise of the Midnight Sons, Pt3”

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #1) “Rise of the Midnight Sons, Pt4”

Nightstalkers (vol.1; #1) “Rise of the Midnight Sons, Pt5”

Ghost Rider (vol.3; #31) “Rise of the Midnight Sons, Pt6”

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #2) 

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #3) 

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #4) 

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #5) 

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #6) 

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #7) 

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #8) 

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #9) 

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #10) 


Nightstalkers (vol.1; #10) “Midnight Massacre Pt1”

Ghost Rider (vol.3; #40) “Midnight Massacre Pt2”

Darkhold: Pages from the Book of Sins (vol.1; #11) “Midnight Massacre Pt3”

Morbius: The Living Vampire (vol.1; #12) “Midnight Massacre Pt4”

Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance (vol.1; #13) Midnight Massacre Pt5”

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #12) 

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #13) 

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #14) 


Nightstalkers (vol.1; #14) “Siege of Darkness Pt1”

Ghost Rider (vol.3; #44) “Siege of Darkness Pt2”

Marvel Comics Presents: Ghost Rider (vol.1; #143) “Siege of Darkness Pt3”

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #15) “Siege of Darkness Pt4”

Morbius: The Living Vampire (vol.1; #16) “Siege of Darkness Pt5”

Marvel Comics Presents (vol.1; #144) “Siege of Darkness Pt6”

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; # 60) “Siege of Darkness Park 7”

Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance (vol.1; #17) “Siege of Darkness Pt8” Nightstalkers (vol.1; #15) “Siege of Darkness Pt9”

Ghost Rider (vol.3; #45) “Siege of Darkness Pt10”

Marvel Comics Presents (vol.1; #145) “Siege of Darkness Pt11”

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #16) “Siege of Darkness Pt12” Morbius: The Living Vampire (vol.1; #17) “Siege of Darkness Pt13”

Marvel Comics Presents (vol.1; #146) “Siege of Darkness Pt14”

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; # 61) “Siege of Darkness Pt15” 

Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance (vol.1; #18) “Siege of Darkness Pt16” 

Midnight Sons Unlimited (vol.1; #4) “Siege of Darkness Pt17”

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #90) 


Strange Tales (1951) (vol.1; #147) Strange is coming off a lengthy battle w/ Dormammu; Strange vs. the Building Inspector; he reads thru the Book of Vishanti, which contains sacred incantations, charms, & spells which are “the very fabric of all existence”; refers to Baron Mordo being locked away in a mystic prison by The Ancient One; Mordo places the Curse of Watoomb on Strange; Strange’s gf, Clea; Ancient One appears to Strange & tells him Kaluu has freed himself from its prison; Kaluu melts the Book of the Vishanti; Kaluu is the incarnation of everything evil in the hearts of men; Kaluu is who taught Ancient One everything he knows

Strange Tales (1951) (vol.1; #148) “The Origin of the Ancient One”; Strange asks Ancient One why he fears Kaluu so much & AO tells the story starting 500 years ago; starts in Kamar-Taj, the birthplace of AO & Kaluu; together AO & Kaluu discovered how to harness mystic energies; they differ on how to use that power; Kaluu used psychic hypnosis to control people; Kaluu was made King of Kamar-Taj; for centuries Kaluu lived in the Raggador dimension & increased his power & stole the Book of the Vishanti; Kaluu now lives in a cavern below New York; but the Book can’t be used for attacking, just defending; Kaluu casts the Book back in time so Strange can never find it; Kaluu wants to attack a neighboring town & AP stops him & they become enemies; Kaluu eventually must flee to a different realm to regain power; Strange’s recent fite w/ Dormammu released Kaluu

Strange Tales (1951) (vol.1; #149) Kaluu attacks Strange & AO; Strange mentions the omnipotent Oshtur: Strange uses the Serum of the Seraphim to heal AO; Kaluu can transform emotion into pure energy; Strange & AO transform into flame as Kaluu enters the Sanctum & can’t find them

Strange Tales (1951) (vol.1; #150) they need to find the Book of the Vishanti in order to defeat Kaluu, who threw it back in time; they travel to ancient Babylonia to find the Book; a Griffin guards the Book, appointed by the priests of the Babylonia god Marduk; Kaluu the invokes Satannish the Supreme; Strange & AO use the Book to defeat Kaluu & banish him to Limbo; in the dark dimension inhabited by Dormammu “The Mindless Ones” attack Clea; Umar, the sister of Dormammu, commands the Mindless Ones back into captivity; she imprisons them until she needs them to lead an attack

Doctor Strange (1968) (vol.1; #176) Strange is looking for Clea, the woman he loves; Clea was taken by Osmoseus; 3 Sons of the Satannish are working for Osnodeus; the Dons trap Strange in a cube; he escapes & consults the Book of Vishanti on how he can defeat the Sons & Osmandeus; Dr. Benton; Osmandeus uses Clea to steal the Book of Vishanti & then he steals Strange’s cloak & Eye of Agamotto & casts Strange into a different dimension

Doctor Strange (1968) (vol.1; #177) Strange tricked Asmodeus into thinking he has the Eye, but Strange still has it; Asmodeus is working w/ Marduk; Asmodeus is looking in the Book for the incantation that will make him & the Satannish the rulers of the world; he’s looking for the Spell of Fire & Ice; Asmodeus wants to free Ymir, last of the first giants, & Surtur, the fire demon; the Book disappears from Asmodeus’ hands & he tracks it to the AO, so now he’s taking the form of Strange to trick AO; Strange defeats Asmodeus & unmasks him to find its Dr. Benton; before Benton dies he utters the spell of fire & ice & releases the first giant & fire demon

Marvel Spotlight (vol.1; #3) Jack Russel inherits the curse of werewolf from his dad; biker gang Hell Riders go after Jacks sister Lissa; Jack in werewolf form attacks the bikers; Lissa doesn’t know Jack is a werewolf; Nathan Timly pucks Jack up the next morning (a friend of his step-dad); Timly’s wife (Andrea) asks Jack where the book is; the book was Jack’s dad’s who left it to his mother (who is also dead); Kraig (who has a metal hand) guards Jack in a jail cell in the basement; Kraig thinks the book will restore his hand; Werewolf attacks Nathan & Kraig protects him by attacking werewolf; Kraig calls Andrea “Agatha”; now Nathan calls her Agatha; Nathan finally refers to the book as the Darkhold (p.16 of comic/17 in reader); Kraig accidentally kills Nathan; now Jack thinks the Darkhold could cure him & vows to hunt it down; Agatha gave Kraig his metal hand; Kraig is about to kill Jack when a bolt of lightening hits his metal hand; Agatha tried to evoke long-dead gods but without the Darkhold she fails & the ritual kills her

Marvel Spotlight (vol.1; #4) Buck Cowan, a writer, tracked down Jack; Cowan is researching the occult & heard Jack knows where the Darkhold is; Jack’s dad owned a castle that his mom inherited, but when mom died his step-dad inherited & he sold it to a guy named Blackgar who had the castle shipped to the US; jacks dad was a Warlock; Jack & Cowan work together; Jack thinks the Darkhold is in the castle; Agatha is again referred to as Andrea; Jack meets Miles Blackgar on the island; Marlene is Miles’ daughter; Miles runs an institution on the island; Marlene tells Jack about a library in the basement; Miles is making some sort of secret ray; Jack finds the Darkhold; Jack finds a room full of patients transformed into mobsters by Miles & his ray beam; Marlene us a mutant

Werewolf By Night (vol.1; #1) picks up story right where Marvel Spotlight #4 left off; Marlene is a mutant with a Medusa-like stare; Jack & Cowan return to the castle & retrieve the Darkhold; the mutant creature Strug; Marlene enlists Jack’s step-dads help to get back the book; Miles is still alive, paralyzed in a wheelchair; Marlene wants to use the Darkhold to restore her dads legs; Strug & Werewolf fight; Marlene takes her glasses off to turn werewolf into stone but he’s in front of a mirror; Marlene & her dad turn to stone; Jack has the Darkhold 

Werewolf By Night (vol.1; #3) Father Ramon Joquez was translating the Darkhold; Jack is rooming w/ Cowan; it’s been a month since jack’s last transformation; after translating the Darkhold, Aelfric the Mad Monk possessed Ramon’s body; Darkhold is referred to as the “Book of Sins”; Aelfric is 800 yrs old who wrote those secret texts & worshipped satan; Aelfric was burned at the stake but told his accusers he was immortal; Aelfric’s scrolls didn’t burn & were recovered; the scrolls were passed down thru the centuries until they ended up w/ a Balkan Baron (Jack’s dad) who had them bound into the Darkhold; translating the book is what caused jacks father to become a werewolf; Aelfric unleashed a deadly mist to return the word to the Dark Ages; Aelfric abducts Lissa; Aelfric summoned Dragonus to protect him; Jack defeats Aelfric & he transforms back into Ramon (the priest)

Werewolf By Night (vol.1; #14) writer is Marv Wolfman; final showdown between Topaz & Jack & Taboo; Jack learns that The Committee is really behind his mother’s death (the same Committee in Moon Knight); Jack & Topaz leave for Transylvania where Jack is hoping to get answers about his parents

Tomb of Dracula (vol.1; #18) Marv Wolfman writer; Jack Russel & Topaz arrive in Transylvania looking for the Darkhold; Topaz was adopted by Taboo (a sorcerer w/ a history with the Darkhold) & made Topaz control Jack while trying to find the Darkhold); also arriving in Transylvania are 2 vampire hunters, Van Helsing & Drake; Dracula also returned to Trans after being hunted down by vamp hunters; under Paris in the catacombs the body of Blade is found (killed by Dracula); Scratcher Martin, a thug at the inn; Dracula attacks Jack & Topaz after werewolf kills Scratcher; with her mind Topaz is able to prevent Dracula from attacking; refers to Topaz as a sorceress (has psychic powers); Jack & Topaz travel to Russoff Manor, once owned by his dad; beneath Russoff Manor they find Castle Dracula; ends w/ Dracula going in to kill & drink werewolf’s blood

Werewolf By Night (vol.1; #15) writer is Marv Wolfman; Werewolf & Dracula fight; Jack defeats Dracula; Frank & Rachel Van Helsing (vamp hunters) approach castle Dracula w/ a helicopter; Frank is a descendant of Dracula; Jack finds his father’s book; in the book he learns about how his great great great grandfather became a werewolf (in 1795); back then Baron Russoff’s wife, Louisa, was killed by Dracula; Baron puts a stake thru Dracula’s heart & buried him at sea; Baron finds Lydia in Castle Dracula; Lydia was a werewolf & bit Baron causing the werewolf curse; Dracula wants Baron Russoff’s diary, because it holds the secret of the Second Book of Sins, that threatens the life of Dracula; w/ Topaz’s help Jack turns into a werewolf but is able to keep a rational mind; Drake & Van Helsing show up & grab the diary from Dracula

Tomb of Dracula (vol.1; #19) writer is Marv Wolfman; Dracula mentions there’s a spell in the Second Book of Sins that could destroy all vampires; 

Marvel Chillers (vol.1; #1) Marv Wolfman & Bill Mantlo writers; about Mordred the Mystic; Janet Lyton & Grant Whittaker are 2 English archeologists; they are on the Isle of Wight digging to prove their unorthodox theories; they are digging for the Cairn of Darkhold; they find an underground chamber & a man who is perfectly preserved; man wakes up & calls Janet, “Janice”; the man is Mordred & he thinks he’s in the Tower of Darkhold; Mordred was the student of a magician, Gervasse, in the final days of Camelot; Mordred wants to marry Janice but Gervasse is against it & tells him he’s going to learn under Merlin; Mordred gets pissed & sets out to steal the Book of Darkhold; Mordred thinks by finding & mastering the Book that he’ll be powerful enough to ignore both Arthur, Gervasse, & Merlin; he finds the Darkhold but needs to offer a sacrifice for it; Janice shows up & the Darkhold was going to take her but Modred sacrificed himself; as a result Mordred will rise to greatness but will contain an evil within himself; Mordred is the only mystic to survive the Ritual of Darkhold; Mordred mentions that eventually The Other will come for him

Marvel Chillers (vol.1; #2) The Other tells Modred that his life belongs to that of the Darkhold; Mordred harnesses the power of Darkhold; The Other wants the power Mordred gets from the Darkhold; he defeats The Other

Amazing Spider-Man Annual (Jan 1988) (vol.1; #22) the story, “The High Evolutionary: Kindred Spirits”; this is chap6 in this saga but these events take place before the events of the Avengers arc; geneticist Herbert Edgar Wyndham is trying to crack the evolution mystery; the origin of Bova; Baron Gregor Russoff was captured by Wyndham, who is fascinated w/ his lycanthropy; Wyndham’s old partner Jonathan Drew stops by but it’s just his body… inhabited by Magnus, a mystic who was born in 554; Magnus was the disciple & lover of Morgana Le Fay; Le Fay was the leader of the Darkholders, a cult who worshipped the Darkhold (an ancient book that contained all the world’s black magic; Chthon is the author of the Darkhold & the Darkholders want to summon Chthon back… & they did; Chthon was too powerful so they tried to banish him back to his realm but was too strong to completely banish… the best they could do was to bind Chthon’s spirit to a mountain… the very mountain that Wyndham built his castle (Wundagore); Magnus then tells that he renounced Le Fey & the Darkholders & stole the Darkhold & locked it in a monastery tower that he enchanted so no one w/ evil intent could get it; Le Fey killed Magnus but his spirit didn’t leave this plain; Magnus spent centuries in Westminster Abbey until Jon Drew visited there & Magnus possessed his body; 

X-Men Annual (1970) (vol.1; #12) Wyndham’s Citadel of Science at Wundagore has been notable for 2 things: the transformation of animals into intelligent humanoids & Magnus training these humanoids into highly skilled Knights of Wundagore; Wyndham tells them their training is over & they are now Knights of the Realm; there are 42 knights; Wyndham doesn’t believe Magnus’ claim of a demon under the mountain; at the same time a pregnant gypsy woman approaches the citadel & is brought in; Magnus feels Chthon rising & sheds his Jonathon shell; Gregor Russoff has the Darkhold & accidentally read the Spell of Ascension for Chthon; Magnus enters the body of Gregor & recites the Spell of Binding to confine Chthon; the gypsy woman (Mother Magda) gives birth to twins; one of the twins has been touched by the Elder God Chthon; who will eventually be Scarlet Witch has been touched by Chthon & when she embraces her dual natures of of science & magic she will be the ready to serve as a vessel for Chthon

Web of Spider-Man Annual (vol.1; #4) (Jan 1988) Wyndham list 17 knights (humanoid evolved animals) in the battle against Chthon; Magnus tells Wyndham that it was Gregor Russoff who conjured Chthon w/ the Darkhold; Gregor is now dead (Chthon killed him to try & prevent him from reciting the binding spell but was too late); Gregor was only trying to use the Darkhold to reverse his lycanthropy; this battle has convinced Wyndham of the supernatural; Magda abandoned her baby twins; Magnus tells Wyndham that it is time for him to rest & give Jonathan back his body; Robert & Madeline Frank are brought to the Citadel to take over caring for the twins; Madeline is pregnant & they will make her think she gave birth to 3 babies & give them the twins; Bova names the twins Pietro & Wanda; Madeline & her baby die in childbirth & the husband runs off; Wyndham gives the twins to a gypsy couple, Django & Marya Maximoff, who raise them as their own

Avengers (1963) (vol.1; #185) opens w/ the Avengers ending a riot on a pier; they were fighting the Absorbing Man; Falcon officially becomes an Avenger & Hawkeye is booted; the cyborg Jocasta has the mind & personality of Janet Pym; action cuts to East Transia; Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver are in East Transia (“home”); they came to Transia with Django Maximoff; they’re trying to find their real parents (they thought Whizzer & Miss America were their parents); Wanda says their birthplace is Wundagore; Modred appears in Wanda’s bedroom & tells her he has the answers to her origins; they go to the castle at Wundagore where they find a book floating (Darkhold); Modred knocks out Wanda; 

Avengers (1963) (vol.1; #186) Bova saves Quicksilver’s life; Bova says he brought QS into the world; Bova was created by the High Evolutionary (his 1st project); one day Magda came to where Bova was staying (she was preggers); the dad of Magda’s kids developed powers & she feared him; Magda gave birth to QS & Wanda; Magda ran off & High Evolutionary put the twins in the care of the shaken of a gypsy tribe, Django Maximoff; Modred mentions his fight w/ The Other & how he realized his destiny was to create a new order w/it; Modred tells Wanda she is destined to be the vessel for The Other’s 2nd rising; QS calls the Avengers for help; Wanda is possessed by The Other & refers to herself as Chthon

Avengers (1963) (vol.1; #187) the Avengers fly to Transia; Modred serves the One Great Lord Chthon; Modred & Wanda/ Chthon defeat the Avengers; Chthon is powered by the Darkhold; Chthon says he scribed the Darkhold & he & his sister were the last of the old gods disposed by newer gods; before death his sister infused her essence into all living things & became the legend of Mother Earth; he fled to a nether world & left the Darkhold to provide a gateway back to this world; Morgan LeFay & her Cult of Darkholders summoned Chthon back to this world but realized their mistake & imprisoned him in the mountain Wundagore; Magnus then stole the Darkhold & hid it in an enchanted castle; then Modred sought the book & paid with his soul; then the book was taken by St. Brendan & passed thru history; the book went to Cagliostro, Taboo, & to Gregor Russoff; part of Gregory’s estate that he sold was the mountain Chthon was trapped in; Chthon was forced to use The Other as its host; Chthon then set the stage & imbued Wanda at birth w/ her magical powers; she was manipulated by Chthon to be his new host; Chthon imbued Wanda w/ magic & her scientific powers merged; Chthon then made it so Magnus was in another part of the world when he arose; Django has Wanda’s soul in a small doll & Wanda is able to push Chthon out & reclaim her soul; w/out Chthon, Modred loses his mind & Bova takes care of him (GREAT HISTORY OF DARKHOLD!!)

Dracula Lives! (March 1974) (vol.1; #6) an American in Rome is taking home a local girl, she’s a vampire; he is saved by the monk Montesi; Montesi uses an incantation from the Darkhold to kill the vampire (Holo Erasma Rabis Katerama Lucem Dei Paradoxis Satannicus Belgrem); Dracula looks on from afar & realizes how dangerous Montesi is; Dracula watches him enter the Vatican; Dracula plans on breaking into the Vatican to destroy Montesi’s copy of the Darkhold; Montesi thinks if he can translate the linguistic code of the incantation he can reveal the origin of the Darkhold; Dracula finds Montesi in the Vatican & burns his copy of the Darkhold; before Dracula kills Montesi, the monk tells him he mailed a copy of the Darkhold to the vamp slayer Harker

Thor (vol.1; #332) Jane Foster is missing & Don Blake/Thor is the prime suspect; goddess Sif; Dracula is awoken by his followers to finish a ritual to make him immortal; flying around, Dracula spots Thor & Sif & wants the power of the goddess Sif; Dracula bites Sif

Thor (vol.1; #333) Dracula drank Sif’s blood & feels her power coursing through him; Thor visits Strange for help w/ the Runestaff of Kamo Tharnn; Dracula gains xtra strength & endurance from Sif’s blood & is able to hold his own against Thor but Thor beats him & Sif shakes off Dracula’s curse

Doctor Strange (1974) (vol.2; #59) Strange’s business manager, Sara Wolfe; private dick/vampire, Hannibal King; Strange thought he defeated Dracula 2 years ago in Boston (issue #14); a year later Quincy Harker put a silver spike thru Dracula’s heart; Strange remembers a repressed memory of when he fought Dracula w/ the Defenders & realizes Mephisto made him forget the encounter; in Chicago people hold a ritual that makes Dracula rise & get closer to true immortality; Dracula asks his follows if they found the Darkhold; they perform the Ritual of Revelation & bring the Children of the Night back to earth; the followers are the Darkholders (mentioned in the Avengers storyline); Douglas Royce; Hannibal & Royce crossed paths on a case Hannibal was working (where he 1st encountered the Children of the Night; King was on a case in England investigating the death of Rachel Van Helsing & he learned Dracula was after the Darkhold; the newly resurrected Children of the Night are killed by Strange & King but the Darkholders were able to learn where the Darkhold is

Doctor Strange (1974) (vol.2; #60) Dracula is gathering up an army; Strange calls upon Scarlet Witch for help finding the Darkhold; Darkhold is being kept in a vault at Avengers mansion; Dracula mentions his battle w/ Thor in issues 332-333; Dracula & his minions attack Avengers mansion; Wanda, Strange, & King defend the mansion; Dracula breaches the mansion through an old submarine entrance; Strange reads a part of the Darkhold & is shocked by its revelation (revealed in next issue); Strange casts a spell & the Darkhold disappears; Strange transported the Darkhold to the empty castle of his departed enemy Baron Mordo n the Transylvanian Alps

Doctor Strange (1974) (vol.2; #61) get the origin of vampires; the Darkholders are staking out Strange’s house waiting for him; Morgana Blessing; Hannibal, Frank Drake (last mortal descendant of Dracula & vamp hunter), & Blade visit Strange; Strange tells them he read a passage that could eradicate vampires from the world forever & destroy Dracula; Dracula is using the Cult of Darkholders to mystically empower himself to bear immortality; Strange tells them if they can get the Darkhold they can wipeout vampires forever; long ago a group of Atlantean mystics discovered the indestructible parchments of the demon Chthon; they were the 1st cult of Darkholders & gathered the scrolls into the Darkhold (the Book of Sins); these original Darkholders created a spell that caused their fallen enemies to walk the earth as their slaves… these are the 1st vampires; the original Darkhold was bound into a book in the 6th century by Morgan Le Fay & copies were made; the copies weren’t as powerful as the original; Dracula wants the original, most powerful Darkhold so he can achieve immortality; the passage in the Darkhold that can wipe out vampires is called the MONTESI FORMULA; an old monk, Montesi, found a copy of the Darkhold in the Vatican library; they arrive at Baron Mordo’s castle; Strange & his group prepare for the ceremony to evoke the Montesi Formula; Dracula arrives at Mordo’s castle to take the Darkhold; 

Doctor Strange (1974) (vol.2; #62) by taking over the Cult of Darkholders, all of Draculas weaknesses have been overcome (religious relics, sunlight, etc); Strange needs to perform the ritual (the Montesi Formula) before Dracula comes; Dracula easily takes out Blade, Wong, Frank, & King; Strange transports he & Dracula to his world beyond space & time & they battle there; as Strange has Dracula in this other realm the others begin the dark ritual to eradicate all vampires from the world; “Montessi” is spelled w/ 2 “S’s” in this issue; the Montessi Formula works & Dracula is killed & then the spell travels around the world eradicating all vampires; Strange & the others give King a blood transfusion to save him from the spell; we also see Lilith (Dracula’s daughter) die; they save Hannibal King

Doctor Strange (1974) (vol.2; #67) Jessica Drew; Shroud; Strange has the Darkhold secured in his home; Hannibal King thinks the Darkholders are back; break ins in museums & antique stores are report & the only thing stolen are ceremonial daggers; then animal sacrifices around the city (Boston) started happening; Strange says all this points to someone(s) trying to perform a Ritual of Conjuration; when Dracula was alive he was siphoning the Darkhold energy from the Darkholders & making them less powerful, but now he’s dead & the Darkholders are more powerful; Darkholders are trying to bring vampires from other realities into our world to enslave them; the Darkholders complete the ritual but when the vampire enters our realm it instantly dies because the Montessi Formula & spell Strange cast erased the curse that allowed vampirism to exist in our world 

Doctor Strange (1974) (vol.2; #81) Urthona stole Strange’s entire mansion in order to steal all his mystic possessions, including the Darkhold & the Book of the Vishanti; Strange is co-inhabiting the body of Rintrah, the apprentice of Enitharmon the Weaver while his body repairs itself; Urthona wants to be this plan if existence’s Sorcerer Supreme so he thinks that by stealing Strange’s mansion & having all his mystic things that he will be stronger; Strange/ Rintrah travel to Urthona’s planet to get back his mansion; Urthona conjures the Dark Blood-Hunger of the Night with the Darkhold; Rintrah leaves his body & inhabits Strange’s body to fight Urthona; Topaz’s soul is returned to her & she becomes powerful again; Strange uses all his powers to destroy all his relics including the Book of the Vishanti & the Darkhold; before Urthona teleports away he tells Strange that by destroying all those relics he released a lot if dark entities into the universe 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #5) “The Faust Gambit Pt1: Souled Out”; Clea tells Strange there’s some kind of evil after him; at this point the world thinks Doc is dead; it sure sounds like Doc is referring to Mr. Mxyzptlk; Rintrah shows up & wants to be Doc’s apprentice; Doc mentions he’s still looking to replace his previously destroyed talismans (from Doc Strange vol.1 #81); Baron Mordo is back; Mordo was able to amplify his powers by promising a demon a soul … Doc’s soul (the Faust Gambit); Mordo is still pissed that Doc became the Ancient One’s heir; he reversed Mordo’s spell & trapped Mordo in a sphere, but Mordo kidnapped Sara & she’s in the sphere too; Mordo sold his soul to both Mephisto & Satannish; so both demons will come to collect & they will battle & kill to get their due soul & will kill Sara to get it; now Doc has to protect Mordo from the 2 demons in order to save Sara’s life; 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #6) “The Faust Gambit Pt2: Demonic Re-Possession”; Rintrah goes to retrieve Sara’s body w/ Topaz’s help & to hide his true form he uses the cover of Howard the Duck; Mephista, daughter of Mephisto; Mephista & Doc team up to defeat Satannish; Doc mentions again how all his talisman’s were destroyed fighting the alien sorcerer; Doc is trapped in a sphere in Mephisto’s realm & enters the realm of Agamotto to escape; there’s a 2nd story, “The Book of the Vishanti, Pt1”; at the end of WWI Baron Nikolai Mordo looks over the village of Varf Mandra from his castle; Miarka, the Witch-Queen of the Gypsy’s; Mordo wants to restore the ancient magic of his land; 2 years later in Bavaria Viscount Heinrich Krowler spies on Mordo to keep tabs on him; Krowler is pissed at losing WWI & wants revenge against the Allies; Krowler is trained in the mystic arts but has reached his potential & wants to use a Spell of Transference to gain more power; but he can only use that spell on his own bloodline so he gets his daughter (Sara) to find & marry Mordo & bear a son so he can take the power; 9 months later Sara bore a son, Karl; Krowler & Sara were afraid Nikolai was amassing too much power & taking power away from Germany so Sara killed Nikolai & then she & Karl moved to Castle Krowler; Krowler increased Karl’s desire to learn black nagic; Karl learns Sara & his granddad killed his father

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #7) “The Faust Gambit Pt3: Agamotto Mon Anour”; Doc meets a huge caterpillar in the Agamotto realm; the caterpillar IS Agamotto; Agamotto won’t let Doc out of his dimension because he’s bored; Agamotto give Doc back the Orb if Agamotto that he thought was destroyed; all his talismans he thought were destroyed are safe in Agamotto’s realm (Darkhold, Book of the Vishanti, etc) & Doc takes them back; 2nd story, “The Book of the Vishanti, Pt2”; Krowler introduced Hitler into his occult group & the others financed his ride to power; Krowler sends his grandson Karl to Tibet to find the hidden retreat of the Ancient One; Mordo finds the AO & he agrees to take on Mordo; Notdo learns from AO & the tries to kill his mom, Sara

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #8) “The Faust Gambit, Pt4: Mephisto Waltz with Satannish Verses”; Doc is trying to stop Satannish & Mephisto from destroying the earth fighting over Mordo’s soul; the dead are rising & blood is shooting from the sewers; Doc refers to the demons as Gog & Magog; Doc forces them to a truce by threatening to reunite their souls together; “The Book of the Vishanti, Pt3”; Mordo encounters Dracula; he tells Dracula that the village of Varf Mandra is off limits to him & Drac says Mordo better not cross the Borgo Pass after sundown; researching his dad, Mordo discovers Miarka, the Gypsy Witch-Queen & his dad’s mistress bore his dad a daughter, Lilia; Lilia grew to take her mom’s title & is the keeper of the infamous Book of Cagliostro, Master Magician of the 18th Century; Cagliostro escaped the persecution of the Inquisition & became the gypsy’s Warlock King; Cagliostro wrote his Book of Secrets which is now a sacred talisman; Lilia has a daughter, Lilia, that Mordo woos to get close to Cagliostro‘s Book; he thought he killed the daughter (Lilia) & stole the book, but she lived; Nordo vows to become the most powerful magician/sorcerer & pit himself again the AO & Doc

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #9) Morgana Blessing is writing a tell-all book about Strange; mist of this issue is excerpts from the book; “The Book of the Vishanti: The Curse of the Darkhold Pt1: The Montesi Formula”; Doc is trying to learn more about the Darkhold; going back to when Jack Russel went to Blackgar island & met Miles & Marlene; Jack wanted the Darkhold to try & break his curse of lycanthropy; Jack sought the help of Priest Damon Joquez, but he released the spirit of Aelfric (the Mad Monk) that possessed Damon after reading the book; this made Dracula aware of the Darkhold; talks about when Russoff brought back the elder god Chthon & how the High Evolutionary & his knights held him back; Dracula just watched & waited thru all these events; when the reincarnated sorcerer Magnus forced Russoff to banish Chthon a 2nd time, Chthon killed Baron Russoff & Russoff’s Estate/castle/ Darkhold went to his 1st wife in California; the castle was brought over to America & after Laura Russoff’s death, Laura’s hubby sold the castle to Miles Blackgar; after Jack Russel went to Transylvania to look for answers of his past (w/ Topaz) he fought w/ Dracula & Dracula stole the Darkhold, but Rachel Van Helsing stole the book from him; trapped in the Alps after the helicopter crashed, Dracula threw the book in the snow thinking no one could find & use it to kill him & his kind; the death of Father Damon Joquez attracted attention in a wing of the Vatican dedicated to occult studies headed by monk Monsignor Giuseppe Montesi; Montesi studied Joquez’s notes & discovered the Montesi Formula; Dracula broke into the Vatican & killed Montesi but Montesi told Dracula that he mailed a copy of the formula to Quincey Harker; that copy was destroyed when Drac faced off against the X-Men in Pendrammon Castle; then Morgan Le Fay found the Darkhold in the snowy Alps, but Magus was reincarnated & with the help of Spider-Woman defeated La Fey (Spider-Woman vol1; #2-6); but now Modred was back & discovered Chthon’s essence was in the mountain Wundagore; this is when Chthon tried to use Wanda as his vessel to return, but the Avengers thwarted Chthon’s 3rd attempt to return; this is then when Dracula attacked Avenger’s mansion to get the Darkhold (w/ his Cult of Darkholders); but the Avengers, Strange, & Hannibal King defeated Dracula; Strange transported the Book to Castle Mordo where Dracula & his enemies gathered for a showdown; after, this is when Strange was able to recite the Montesi Formula & kill all vampires everywhere; then the alien sorcerer Urthona stole the Darkhold & all of Strange’s talismans to become the Sorcerer Supreme, but Strange destroyed them all; but Agamotto transported all his talismans to his realm; but all vampires are dead unless someone finds a way to reverse the Montesi Formula spell

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #10) Morbius attacks some people; when they meet, Morbius overpowers Doc; an old warehouse of Doc’s was torn down & woke up a man, Victor, who was cryogenically frozen/ asleep; the man, Victor, iDoc’s brother & he’s a vampire; Morbius controls his bloodlust & Doc brings him back to the Sanctum; the 2nd story, “The Book of the Vishanti: The Curse of the Darkhold Pt2: The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans”; after Doc said the Montesi Formula, other people were affected as well (not just vamps); Marie Laveau, a powerful voodoo priestess; she controls the serpent god Damballah; 1 night she always visited by Count Cagliostro, a man obsessed w/ the occult; he came to kill her & steal her occult knowledge but fell in love w/ her; he shared his secret of immortality w/ her (that he learned from the Darkhold); the spell he gave her was incomplete & she slowly aged until she grew very weak & near death; Gaston cared for her & searched out a man believed to be the reincarnated Cagliostro, but it returned w/ a captive Count Dracula; Gaston needed some of Dracula’s blood to make Laveau immortal; age screwed over Gaston & took his life so she could be immortal; Laveau made a proposal w/ Dracula… to combine voodoo & vampirism & rule the World but drac declined; a Cardinal if the church who studied the occult in the Vatican renamed himself Silver Dagger & went mad after reading The Shiatra Book of the Damned (the Darkhold under a different name); driven mad he doesn’t bed himself an instrument of God in the fight against evil, but he was bat-shit crazy; Doc was forced to banish Dilver Dagger into the nether-sphere of Agamotto; Dilver escaped the sphere by creating a psychic link w/ Laveau & Laveau turned on his & stabbed him in the back; Laveau started aging again & there were no more vamps so she convinced Cap Marvel to travel back in time to fetch her blood from a vamp so she could finish the immortality ritual; Cap Marvel travels back to pre-revolutionary France & runs into Cagliostro who intros her to Dracula; she gets a sample of Dracula’s blood but as soon as she gets to present time the blood boils away (due to the Montesi Formula spell; so Laveau knows if she is to ever be immortal she needs to break it reverse the Montesi spell 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #11) part of the Acts of Vengeance imprint; main story doesn’t really deal with vamps or the Darkhold; Morbius is gone & Doc puts his brother, a vamp, in a holding spell; Doc talks about how he became estranged to his family; how can Vic be a vamp after Doc eradicated all vamps w/ the Montesi Formula?; Dr. Wayne Schuyler, host of the occult show “Hour Thirteen”; 2nd story, “The Book of the Vishanti: The Curse of the Darkhold Pt3: Dawn of Blood”; The Demiurge, the name of the earth’s bio-sphere when it became sentient, gave birth to many godlike creatures at earth’s formation; such creatures are Set, a serpent-like embodiment of evil, Chthon, Incarnate chaos, & Gaea, the living spirit of earth (these are the elder gods); Gara gave birth to Atum, the power of the sun; Atim killed demons until he took on the look of those he slew… Atum then became Demogorge, The God-Eater; Demogorge spared Gaea but Set & Chthon fled to nether-planes of their own making; Chthonic left behind his spells & secrets & they would also serve as the way he could come back into our world; some of the sorcerers from the pre-human race lived & found Chthon’s parchments & unleashed a spell upon the world; Varnae agreed to be sacrificed & he died & came back as the world’s 1st vampire; the vamps survived the ages & outlived Atlantis, Babylon, Rome, T’ang China; Conan & Red Sonya killed many vamps (including Morophla & Thacht); over the years the parchments were lost but in 500 A.D in Britain Morgan Le Fay gathered all the various scrolls into one book… the Darkhold; Le Fey freed Chthon from his nether-plane prison (his 1st rising); Le Fey only wanted the demon to help her defeat Merlin; Chthon’s power was too great & Le Fay managed to imprison Chthon’s essence in a mountain (Wundagore); La Fry’s ex-lover Magnus stole the Darkhold & hid it in an enchanted tower that no one w/ I’ll-intent could enter; the book drew in Mordred who originally intended to use that power for the good of men; the book’s evil threatened Modred’s love, Janice, & to save her he had to surrender his will & soul to the book; at this time the church sent their strongest mystic knight, Saint Brendan to battle the forces unleashed by the Book; Mordred was entombed & would again arise some 15 centuries later; Brendan then spread the pages of the Darkhold all over the Christian world so no one could harness its power again

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #12) the main story has nothing to do with/ the Darkhold (Doc fights The Enchantress); 2nd story is “The Book of the Vishanti: The Curse of the Darkhold Pt4: The Legacy of Aelfric”; 600 years after Brendan scattered the pages, the Mad Monk Aelfric collected nearly all the pages; when his fellow clerics realized Aelfric worshipped satan they cast him out & he was burned at the stake w/ the scrolls but they are indestructible & survived the flames; they scrolls eventually made it to Rome where monk Paolo Montesi studied the scrolls & discovered The Malachy Prophecy within the book; Montesi met w/ the pope & showed him the prophesy, which foresaw every pope to come for nearly a millennium in the future; Pope Eugene VII then appoints Montesi as the only person that’s allowed to handle the scrolls; the pope says the scrolls are again to be bound into 1 book & be called The Book of Sins; the pope allows Montesi to marry so he can sire heirs to be custodians of the book; Varnae, lord of the vamps for 20 millennia, heard about the Darkhold being in Rome & was worried the church would find a way to eradicate all vamps; Varnae led a horde of vamps to attack Rome to get the Darkhold, but Montesi led the defenses & held back the vamps; Varnae managed to kill Paolo but Paolo already sired a son, thereby creating a dynasty that for 8 centuries dedicated itself to wiping out all vamps

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #13) main story isn’t important to the Darkhold (he battles Enchantress & Arkon); main story ends w/ Fic saying he wants to concentrate on curing his brother if vampirism; 2nd story is “The Book of the Vishanti: The Curse of the Darkhold Pt5: The Torch is Passed”; Giacomo is Paolo’s son & has full access to the Darkhold; Giacomo knows a page is missing from the book… the page w/ the spell to eliminate all vamps; he thinks the page is in Tibet & sets a trek to get them; Giacomo is killed by one of Varnae’s human spies; Giacomo’s son, Marcello, re-established communication w/ Tibet & Varnae finds out about the new mission to Tibet; Varnae found a yng mystic in Kamat-Taj, named Kaluu, who seized power & ended all communications with Rome; Kaluu desired to conquer other lands; one of Kaluu’s students stood up to & stopped his master’s power-hungry conquest & exiled Kaluu into an other-dimension; afterwards, talks with Rome continued; Kaluu’s student that beat him became known as The Ancient One; Varnae grew tired & decided to search for a new Lord of Vamps & settled on Vlad the Impaler; Varnae passes on all his millennia of knowledge to Vlad, who now calls himself Dracula

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #14) “The Vampiric Verses, Pt1: It’s in the Blood”; Morbius is back; Morbius tells Doc that it’s largely his fault for the return of vampirism (w/ his brother); Morbius went on vacation in NOLA & came across Marie Laveau; Laveau needs vamp blood to keep her yng & Doc killed all vamps; Laveau is hoping that some of Morbius’s blood will do the same; Laveau tells Morbius that when Doc’s brother died he cast a spell to try & bring him back to life but what he cast was actually the Vampiric Verse & turned Vic into a vamp; Laveau discovered that the Book of the Vishanti is meant to be a white-magic counterpart to the Darkhold’s Black-magic;; the Vamp Verses won’t bring back Dracula or any of the other dead vamps, but when Vic’s cryogenic chamber was turned off & his body thawed Doc essentially created a new breed of vampire; when Vic “thawed” Laveau lured him to NOLA to get some of his blood but Vic wouldn’t kill & drink Morbius’ blood & ran off

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #15) “The Vampiric Verses, Pt2: Vampires on Broadway”; Vic steals the Darkhold from Doc & gives it to Laveau; Laveau shoots Vic w/ an arrow from Eros & now he’ll do anything for her; Laveau calls Vic Baron Blood; Laveau shoots Clea w/ a bolt of lead that makes her hate the 1st person she sees (Doc); Laveau & Vic escape on a private yacht headed to Haiti; 2nd story, “The Book of the Vishanti: The Curse of the Darkhold Pt5: The Quest—and the Prophesy”; before being killed by Varnae, 15th century priest Marcelo Montesi started negotiations to get the Darkhold back to the Vatican from Tibet; Dracula learned about the Darkhold after killing a vampire priest, Bordia; Dracula hires a gypsy named Murgo to break into the Vatican & steal the Darkhold; after stealing it, Murgo is killed by Count Alessandro Di Cagliostro, a sorcerer of the gypsies, & he steals the book; drac hears this & declares Cagliostro an eternal enemy of his; 1775 is the last time drac & Cagliostro fought, but Cag no longer had the book; Lord Ruthven, a brutal vampire from the 18th century who called himself Varney the Vampyre; the book wound up in Instanbul by the end of WWII; in My Stan up an aging sorcerer named Taboo sold the book to Baron Gregor Russhoff (many years later Taboo realized the book’s worth & tried to take it back from Jack Russell); Dracula thought the book was List in the snowy Alps & broken into the Vatican to murder his nemesis Giuseppe Montesi, but his brother Monsignor Vittorio Montesi continued the Montesi legacy & kept studying the book & the Malachy Prophesy; Vittorio thought that if vampires ceased to be then the 4th & final rising of Chthon will happen (because it spawned vampires); Doc thinks vamps will cause the 4th riding of Chthon

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #16) “The Vampiric Verses, Pt3: Love & Haiti”; Vic bit Morgana (not enough to turn her) & now she has a link to Vic; Doc is gonna use Morgana to track Vic & Lameau; under Laveau’s spell Vis turns the yacht workers into vamps (it’ll take 3 days until the fully turn); Jericho Drumm, aka Brother Voodoo; Christophe’s Citadel; they face her in the Citadel & Laveau casts a spell that darkens the sky; Jericho uses voodoo to raise the dead ex-slaves in the Citadel as zombies to fight off the vamps; the zombies tear apart the vamps & Doc stops them before they hurt Vic; they get Vic but Laveau escapes; Doc says they’re gonna take to fite to wherever Laveau is; 2nd story is “The Book of the Vishanti: The Mark of the Vodu, Pt1”; Jericho Drumm is the greatest practitioner of white magic voodoo; Jerichos twin bro Daniel asked Jericho to come to Haiti; Dan was the original Brother Voodoo & was a powerful Houngan (voodoo priest) who was killed by a false god, Damballah (a snake spirit; Dan tells Jericho to look for Papa Jambo (last living Lord of the Loa, or spirits) after he dies & he’ll teach him how to become a Houngah; Jericho also became the last Lord of the Loa; Jericho killed Damballah & his servant Bambu took over as the Servitor of the Victor; Jericho battled Baron Samedi (who thought of himself as another Lord of the Lia), the scorecards Mama Limbo & her don Black Talon, & the Houngan Dramabu, who resurrected Papa Jambo as a zombie; vampirism made its way into Jericho’s world when Dracula paid Danny Summers to set a trap for & capture Frank Drake when in Brazil; the trap included zombies & voodoo (called macumba) & this caught Jericho’s attention; Jericho hit the Loa to take Frank back to England; Jericho helped Topaz & Jack Russell defeat Dr. Glitternight by freeing one of his sworn goes, the cosmic five; Jericho asked Doc for help fighting the Damballah, who was actually possessed by a serpent-headed spirit; Dicvis gonna ask Jericho to return the favor against Laveau

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #17) “The Vampiric Verses, Pt4: Torn on the Bayou”; Laveau turned Morbius back into a living vamp a few issues ago; Vic is w/ Rintrah, Morgana, & Bambu in BBC a boat in the LA swamps; Vic gets upset & runs into the swamp; they go to a mansion in the swamp tgss ast Jericho owns & Laveau is there; Laveau summoned Dragonus as her bodyguard; Vic shows up & saved them but is injured; Rintrah is also injured; Laveau’s plan is to make Doc recite the Vampiric Verses to create more vamps to keep her young; 2nd story is “The Book of the Vishanti: The Mark of the Vodu, Pt2”; Schango, a power witch doctor in Haiti; the pirate Boute-Feu paid Schango to create an army of slaves loyal to him & who wouldn’t revolt; Schango offered a sacrifice to the Vodu god, Sagbata (the gif of death & disease later known as Baron Samedi); acting for Schango, Sagbata made a pact w/ Chthon to create a new race of slaves w/out free will; Alexandre, who Schango sacrificed, became the first zombie

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #18) “The Vampiric Verses, Pt5: Blood is Thicker”; Laveau is planning on sacrificing Morgana to the elder god Chthon as part of the ritual to restore the Lord of Vampires back to life; Laveau wants the Book of the Vishanti (that contains the Vampiric Verse); Doc destroys the page that contains the Verse but Laveau found a spell on the Darkhold that may work; Bambu pushes Morgana outta the way & takes Laveau‘s knife in the back; Bambu’s body morphs into the 1st vampire that ever lived, Lord Varnae; Doc uses the Incantation of Oblivion to beat Varnae, but he escapes; if Varnae is back, how far behind is Dracula (Doc asks)

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #20) Vic wants Doc to recite the Montesi Formula but Doc is afraid of what might happen; when Doc turns to the page in the Darkhold, the formula is no longer there; when Doc called on Vishanti to destroy the Vampiric Verse (that creates vamps), the Montesi Form was also destroyed to maintain balance; the vase that formed the Amphora, a prison for Zom has been broken; Zom is small now but feeds off the magical energy surrounding the house & will grow very large & powerful; Mordo is still locked up in a cage with mystic energy for bars; Doc captures Zom in a vacuum (still small); 2nd story, “The Book of the Vishanti: The Mark of Vodu, Pt3”; Alexandre rise as the 1st zombie was created by the pirate Boute-Feu, who created an army; Capt Tyger led the charge against the zombies; voodoo god Sagbata created the zombies for the witch-Doc Schango, but Sagbata hit his spell from the elder god Chthon, so the voodoo gods wanted to find a way for humans to fight the zombies; the gods offered Laurent, a freed slave & friend of Capt Tyger, power over the Loa; Laurent became the 1st mortal Lord of the Loa; Capt Tyger eventually killed Boute-Feu; Laurent was the 1st to hold the title of Lird of the Loa & started a familia line that includes Papa Jambo, Daniel Drumm, & Jericho Drumm (the current Lord, or Brother Voodoo)

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #21) main story has nothing to do w/ the Darkhold; 2nd story is “The Book of the Vishanti: Legends & Lore of the Dark Dimension, Pt.1”; Doc is gonna explain the multiverse, which is a transfinite # of universes (a # greater than infinity); the earth universe is embodied with n the entity known as Eternity & it’s sister, Death; Man’s universe has an infinite # of variants (alternate universes) explored by Watchers; there are other universes like the Negative Zone & Arlin’s Pole-Machus; there are also smaller pocket universes inhabited by gods & demons; still yet are other irrational dimensions, like the Dark Dimension; The Living Tribunal is responsible for clustering together groups of common laws; in some pocket dimensions some beings learned how to control mystic energies into a flame, thus bringing lite outta darkness (bringing order to chaos); these beings are known as Mhuruuks, or wizards; these wizards made the Dark Dimension light; 1 of the great empires was the G’uranthic Empire led by G’uran The Great (who estab the Azure Throne & created its protector, The G’uranthic Guardian; Oka’an, a descendant of G’uran, the Mhuruuks agreed to a lasting peace; after 28,000 years of peace Olnar (a wizard-king) wanted to bring back the old ways; the golden age of peace ended when 2 strangers came to Olnar’s azure throne asking for sanctuary—Umar & Dormammu

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #22) main story has nothing to do w/ the Darkhold; 2nd story is “The Book of the Vishanti: Legends & Lore of the Dark Dimension, Pt.2”; the origin of Dormammu & Umar; origin of The Mindless Ones;  

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #23) main story has nothing to do w/ the Darkhold; 2nd story is “The Book of the Vishanti: Legends & Lore of the Dark Dimension, Pt3”; talks about The Ancient One’s reign as Sorcerer Supreme; Dormammu’s connection to Baron Mordo

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #26) starts w/ 3 people hunting down Werewolf by Night; Clea is exiled from the dark dimension; Topaz comes back from Europe & thinks she’s possessed by Ullikummis & needs fire from a demon, the talon from a vamp in cat form, & the fur of a werewolf; Doc, Rintrah, & Topaz travel to Colorado where the werewolf has been spotted; they go a field of cattle & Topaz asks Rintrah if he’s attracted to any of the cattle; werewolf is Jack Russell but he looks different; he managed to integrate his 2 sides (man & beast, in Marvel Comics Presents vol.1 #58-59); he can now control his transformations & is no longer at the mercy of the moon; Jack was C looking for werewolves he accidentally created in the past; the werewolf hunters are actually Possessors (a race of aliens Doc discovered in the Bavarian Alos; they were preparing to overtake humanity); 2nd story is “The Book of the Vishanti: Legacy of the Wolf Pt1”; Greysire; Kammar, Ular, & Zoltar, 3 Genelords of Arcturus; Windracer; the Genelords crossed man & wolf & created a werewolf (using Windracer)

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #27) ; 2nd story is “The Book of the Vishanti: Legacy of the Wolf Pt2”; wizard Ebrok spawned the cat people; the mutant Sphinx; Morbius helped defeat the warlock Daemond; Tara, a little girl & psychic vampire; Morbius killed Tara; in 1795 Grigor Russoff tried to kill Dracula (who killed his wife) & was bitten by a female werewolf (she was kept a prisoner in Drac’s dungeon; after WWII, Grigor Russoff (Grigor’s son) forcefully got the Darkhold from the wizard Taboo; when Grigor read the Darkhold by the light of a full moon it activated the werewolf gene in him that he inherited from his dad; trying to rid himself of the werewolf curse Grigor accidentally summoned Chthon; in the US the Baroness Laura married Philip Russell after her hubby died & her kids took that last name; whdd when Jack turned 18 his curse kicked in; got a while The Three Who Are All granted Jack the ability to control his transformations & keep his human intellect; but Dr. Malus put Jack through a treatment that reverted him to his savage state; after being wounded by Silver Dagger, Jack achieved a mystic fusion & integrated his human & animal side into 1; now hack wants to help all people touched by the supernatural & those he may have turned into a werewolf

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #31) main story isn’t important; 2nd story is “The Book of the Vishanti: A Gathering of Fear Pt1”; of all the gods & demons that inhabit picket universes around our world, the 7 taken together are called the Fear Lords; each Fear Lord is a powerful being whose power is measured on a cosmic scale; the Fear Lord are motivated by the desire for the greatest fear; the Fear Lords origins are mysterious & known to only a few; The Dweller gathered together the 7 Fear Lords; The Lurking Unknown… his inky defeat was on Asgaard; another FL, Kkallakku, hatch lord of the Kkallakki & of s known as The Fear Eaters (his race needs to eat the fears of sentient creatures to go in living)… they create & then collect the fear created to feed on; Fear Eater was defeated by Silver Surfer, Thor, Cap America & Thing & has stayed away from earth; the Scarecrow; Demon-King Kalumai, he acts thru minor devils & possessed humans; Scarecrow warns the other FLs to stay away from earth

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #32) main story isn’t important; 2nd story is “The Book of the Vishanti: A Gathering of Fear Pt2”; Scarecrow left leaving 6 Fesr Lords: The Dweller in the Dark, the Lurking Unknown, Kkallaku the Fear Eater, Nightmare, D’Spayre, & Nox; for Nox, fear is an aesthetic pleasure & givesxhe joy to create complex fears in creatures; Nox is older than the Olympian gods & posed as Aphrodite & banged Ares; she bore 2 kids, Phobos & Deimos (Fear & Terror) whose existence would shake the heavens; Nox’s kids were killed by Hercules & Thor; she then guided a scientist (Psycho Man) in unlocking the enigma of fear… was defeated by the Fantastic Four; Nox then got the demon Thog, the Netherspawnto construct a “nightnare box” that when activated would plunge all humankind into madness; Thig was defeated by Dakhim & Man-Thing; FL D’Spayre encountered Man-Thing; D’Spayre was trying to defeat Dakhim & his disciple Jennifer Kale but was defeated by Man-Thing & Spider-Man; Man-Thing was created to protect the nexus of reality as well as protect earth from the FLs; Nightmare believes he’s the most powerful of the FLs; he inky feeds on their fear in their dreams; Nightmare has been defeated by Strange; 

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #33) main story isn’t important; 2nd story is “The Book of the Vishanti: A Gathering of Fear Pt3”; The Dweller in the Dark, the Lurking Unknown, Kkallaku the Fear Eater, Nightmare, D’Spayre, & Nox form a plan to destroy humans; Dweller & Nightmare both come from Everinnye, a universe higher than the 6th dimension; the Dweller chose the Way of Shamblu, making him unspeakable foul & unclean; when the Atlantean sorceress Zhered-na was exiled by Kamuu to dry lands (which would become America), Zhered-na detected the Dweller’s presence & defeated him & put him in a mystical slumber; during the Celestials cataclysm Dweller was about to siphon off enough fear to imbue a portion of his consciousness w/ it’s own life, thereby creating D’Spayre; D’Spayre used the cataclysm to foster panic & fear which led to Zhered-Na’s death; but Zhered-Na already prepared 1 of her disciples & gave him immortality, Dakihm; Dakihm & D’Spayre found many times, each battle releasing fear that brought Dweller cluster to his release/rebirth; Dweller used others like sculptor Zoltan Drago who called himself Mr. Fear; Dweller fought Strange & Clea & the fear he absorbed from Clea finally freed him from his millennial sleep; Dweller sent other pawns to battle Strange: Dream Weaver, the twin demons Ludi, Ningal; Dweller tells the other FLs that if they all combine their powers that he will unleash The Great Fear on humanity & will finally engulf the cosmos; Derller looks like Cththul

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #36) this is part of the Infinity Gauntlet event crossover; Adam Warlock wields the gauntlet & Strange uses all of his artifacts to try & counter the gauntlet’s powers (including the Darkhold)

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #37-40) “The Great Fear” story arc; not important at all

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #90) “Born Again?”; in a room in Doc’s mansion sits the cauldron & in it floats an esthetic duplicate of earth; he uses the cauldron to “feel” if there are any disturbances in the worl & feels in e in NYC; when he isolates the danger it’s located in his Sanctum; he feels a vibration in the house & I.D’S the source… Victoria; during the “Siege of Darkness” crossover, Chthon placed a spark of his being into Victoria Montessi (2 “S”s) & Doc placed her in a mystic stasis-field that stopped time itself so the baby never developed & was born; Chthon’s Midwife destroyed the stasis field & is there to deliver the baby; The Midwife altered Victoria’s bio-spiritual energies so if Doc puts her back into a timeless sleep, it’ll kill her; Doc makes it that if Chthon is born then Victoria will die & Chton will perish as well; Doc amplified Victoria’s purity & it was too much for Chthon; the Midwife ends up helping Doc


Ghost Rider (vol.3; #28) “Rise of the Midnight Sons, Pt1: Visions”; John Blaze, GR’s sidekick; Dan Ketch is GR; in previous issues, Blackout ripped Dan’s throat out & now he can’t turn back into his human form (he’ll die); the Caretaker; Dan had a vision and f Lilith’s return & a lot of blood being spilled; Lilith is coming back to destroy humanity; LT. Badilino (cop)

Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance (vol.1; #1) “Rise of the Midnight Sons, Pt2”; in Northern Greenland Dr. Phillip Henderson & Dr. Adam Bridgman discover an ancient leviathan in the snow & ice; inside the leviathan is Lilith… the Demon Mother is reborn; Lilith sees that all her children, Lilin, are dead; Lilith resurrects Pilgrim & together they are going to gather up her children; Roxanne is Dan’s wife, Craig & Emma are Dan’s kids; the original Lilin were scattered across the various dimensions or hunted down on earth after Lilith’s imprisonment; Creed & Blackout are 2 of her children; Clara Menninger, a psychic & famous psychologist; Clara tells him that a great evil is coming & he needs to find others like him to fight her/Lilith; Blaze kills Creed; Clara gives Blaze a final vision… Martine Bancroft in the Paramount Hotel room 616; Doc Strange is in the last panel

Morbius: The Living Vampire (vol.1; #1) “Rise of the Midnight Sons, Pt3”Morbius’ fiancĂ©, Martine, along with Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider, & Dr. Langford. search for Morbius to help/cure him & join them to fight Lilith; Lilith, Pilgrim, & Blackout find 2 more f the Lilin is b a club (Nakota & Fang); Blaze & GR find Martine; Lilith uses Nakota’s clairvoyance to spy on Blaze, GR & the others & thinks Morbius can be corrupted to join her; after Morbius escapes Lilith’s grasp they turn their attention to Various Cyprus Montessi; much more monstrous here; Victoria Montesi’s name is mentioned at the end

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #1) “Rise of the Midnight Sons, Pt4”; Donald Walsh; Zephyr; Vicki Montesi; there’s an explosion at Vicki’s apartment that lands her in the ER; Father Vittorio from the Vatican is Vicki’s real dad; Vicki is the Last Montesi; Special Agent Sam Buchanan from Interpol; Prof. Louise Hastings is approached by Johnny Blaze; Blaze intros Hastings to GR; they tell her they are contacting people he saw in a vision, where Lilith returns & overruns the world w/ her demonic children; Vicki keeps having visions; Darkholders (a cult run by powerful people who worship the Darkhold) attack Vicki; Lilith wants Vicki dead because she is a threat to the Darkhold, & the book is what can bring back all of Chthon’s kids; Hastings is an archeologist at Oxford & an occult expert; big fight in the park w/ the immortal worms & w/ Lilith; Lilith calls Vicki, GR, Blaze, Hastings, & Buchanan the Darkhold Redeemers

Nightstalkers (vol.1; #1) “Rise of the Midnight Sons, Pt5”; Blaze & GR are hunting down Nakota & when GR looks into Nakota’s eyes he sees a vision of Hannibal King, Blade, & Frank Drake in Boston; Drake’s bloodline goes back to Dracula; Drake’s wife is Marlene; Doc Strange gets Blade out of a mental institution; Strange mentions that the Montesi Formula has been “forcibly relaxed”; Decan Frost originally bit Hannibal King; Kingvisnt fully undead but also isn’t wholly alive; Meatmarket, one of the Lilin; Drake’s wife falls into a weird coma; a woman hires Blade, King, & Drake to kill the demons GR & Blaze; Strange caused Marlene’s coma in order to bait Lilith; Lilith hired The Nightstalkers to kill GR & Blaze; Meatmarket is killed

Ghost Rider (vol.3; #31) “Rise of the Midnight Sons, Pt6 (final part of this arc)”; Dan Ketch; the remaining Lilin are Nakota, Doc, Fang, Pilgrim, & Blackout; Blaze & GR seek out Doc Strange… they think he can help them defeats Lilith & interpret their visions; Lilith takes the remaking Lilin to the place of her rebirth (Northern Greenland & the leviathan she hid inside); Meatmarket gets a new body in Greenland; Strange then send Morbius to join the others in Greenland to fight Lilith; Lilith creates a dimensional rift in order to create/reborn her demon children; the Lilin are created & then have to walk through the rift to be completely transformed; Strange explains that he couldn’t have fought Lilith directly due to the power from the fight would have destroyed dimensional walls; Lilith was defeated but is still alive 

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #2) someone is delivering pages of the Darkhold to individual people & Sam, Louise, & Vicki are the Darkhold Redeemers, sworn to protect people & the world against the evil of the book; they find a page that summons a hell hound; there’s an arsonist being guided by a page from the book & he was given the last gamma bomb; 5 hrs the bomb goes off; Modred appears at the end & warns them there is bad shut about to go down in the town of Perfection; 

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #3) Wanda looks possessed by Chthon; references the Avengers #185-87; Modred reveals himself to Vicki, Sam, Hastings; Modred talks of his past & when in Arthurian times he accidentally released The Other w/ the Book; he now has the power of the Book & wants to use his powers for good; the town of Perfection, SC… Aurora Poule gets a visit from the dwarf & he makes her beautiful w/ a page but it’s The Other that possesses her; the Darkholders are watching every move the Darkhold Redeemers make & know they are in Perfection, SC; the dwarf releases The Great Devourer & Sam kills it; final panel has Sabertooth 

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #4) Sabertooth has a vendetta against Buchanan (Bucky) from a mission in the Falkland Islands; demons come alive & attack Sabretooth; Aurora is alive; Vicki & others are attacked in an elevator but the demons don’t “see” Vicki; Agatha Harkness; Sabertooth (Creed) helps the Redeemers save the kids in the school; more Great Devourers are attacking them (the N’Garai), Chthon’s spawn; they need to find & close the Devourer’s portal into this world; Modred wants to use the portal to fight Chthon & get his soul back; Modred is the one who brought Sabertooth to help them fight & then teleported him away when they were done; the dwarf pays Reverend Styge a visit at the end; last panel has The Punisher

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #5) Punisher is shooting up the Church of the Resurrection which is a front for a drug empire run by Walter “Speak Easy” Slocum, who works with Reverend Styge; the dwarf gives Styge a page from the Book & now he can actually resurrect people; Styge resurrects Walter; Walter tells Punisher that Styge can bring back his wife & kids; Vicki has a vision of Styge & the Book; Vicki discovers Styge is eating human remains; Styge is gonna resurrect Punisher’s family & keep them enthralled to him so Frank can’t hurt him; Ms. Harkness tells Strange about pages of the Darkhold resurfacing & allowing horrors from the other side to cross into our world; Harness tells Strange that in every case where pages pop up there is 4 people involved: the dwarf, Buchanan, Louise, & Vicki; Harkness implies that the Redeemers are helping cause this & that they just be destroyed

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #6) Harkness is a powerful witch; Strange tells Wanda about the Darkhold &the Malachy Prophesy, that tells about the day Chthon will return to Earth; Harness says the prophesy is about Wanda; references Avengers #187; Vicki’s new vision brings them to Hawaii (as well as Wanda & Harkness); Mordred appears & protects Sam, Vicki, & Louise from Strange, Wanda, & Harkness; Strange & Mordred fite; Vicki takes down Wanda (whaaaat??); at the very end the Japanese Air Force attacks them all on the beach

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #7) they’re all being attacked by WWII-era Japanese planes; Strange & Modred work together to wipe them all out; the Darkholders make new plans to capture Vicki; ordinary people are able to use the Darkhold’s pages because the walls between the 2 worlds is weakening & a gateway between ours & Chthon’s world has opened; Modred is stuck on Maui due to a geas (a blood bond); at the end, Sam says he figured out a way to stop every Darkhold page all at once, in one swoop

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #8) “Betrayal, Pt1”; Diabolique has returned; Sam wants to put out a worldwide alert about letters in black envelopes delivered by dwarfs; Louise runs into her estranged daughter, Caprice, on a flight; Sarrah Roberts, a passenger on the flight; Vicki gets a vision that a page is on their flight; dwarf gives a page to Sarrah; Sarrah unleashes a demon on the flight; Caprice is shot & dies, asks Louise to raise her son; demon grants wishes in a violent way; Sam Buchanan is a double agent

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #9) “Betrayal, Pt2”;  Jinx, William, is Caprice’s son; Vittorio flues in from Rome to warn them; Vicki has another vision & Modred senses that a powerful page from the book is gonna be used but he’s still trapped in Maui; Diabolique is angry w/ the head of the Darkholders for not finding the Page of the Demogorge from the Darkhold; Mouise still has the wishing page; Sam is revealed to be a Darkholder; Sam captures Vicki & Louise; Jinx is left behind 

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #10) “Betrayal, Pt3”; Darkholders are looking for the Page of the Demogorge from the Darkhold; Jinx is trying to free Louise & Vicki; DeGuzman is the leader of the Darkholders; San has been played by the Darkholders; Jinx unleashes the power of 1 of the pages & the power then enters him; Louise says Jinx was born w/ innate magical potential & can control the page he has; Sam realizes he’s been played by the Darkholders; a big blob wipes out all the Darkholders; Diabolique is the little girl (DeGuzman’s daughter); Diabolique kills her parents; Diabolique‘s spider is named Zoroaster; in last page Modred breaks Strange’s spell binding him to Maui & is free


Nightstalkers (vol.1; #10) “Midnight Massacre Pt1: Blood in the Water”; Blade intercepted a phone message about a Book’s page that could rid the world of the supernatural; Blade is interrogating a woman to give up the black envelop, a page from the Book that could wipe the supernatural off the earth; she tells Blade to go to the Pandemonium club; Blaze says Blade is outta control & he & the other Nightstalkers (Hannibal King & Frank Drake) need to put him down; Sam Regent; Blade finds the letter & Blaze finds Blade; Blade recites the words from the page & summons a demon (the Other); Blade kills Hannibal; Blade’s deal w/ the Other wasn’t about eliminating the occult but about hunting it down one at a time; Blade transforms into Switchblade; Johnny Blaze dies; after Blaze’s death, GR shows up wanting vengeance against Switchblade

Ghost Rider (vol.3; #40) “Midnight Massacre Pt2: Hunters”; after reading the page from the Book, Blade transformed into Switchblade & was given the power to rid the world of the supernatural; he killed Blaze & Hannibal & absorbed their power; he even kills a woman who uses her powers only to heal people; Blade received the power of the Demogorge; Demogoblin learns about Blade & wants the power of the Demogorge for himself; Switchblade needs to kill all 9 of the Midnight Sons (& Strange too); GR barely escapes & Drake says they need to find someone w/ knowledge about the Darkhold like Louise Hastings & the Redeemers 

Darkhold: Pages from the Book of Sins (vol.1; #11) “Midnight Massacre Pt3: Doomsday”; references Rachel Can Gelding’s death in the Tomb of Dracula series; Redeemers are there because of Vicki’s vision of a new page (the 1 Blade used to become Switchblade); Modred shows up & saved them, he has the power of the Book in him & gives him control of the elements; Mordred explains that the 1st Demogorge devoured nearly all the elder gods, but Chthon escaped & made his own spell to create his own Demogorge in case it ever came back… this is what Blade is; Mordred drops a skyscraper on Switchblade; huge fight between Switchblade & Mordred; Mordred tells Louise that there’s a counter-spell in the Book to unmake the Demogorge but it must be said by someone who isn’t supernatural; Switchblade kills Modred; before Mordred dies he scatters the soil of Maui (that allowed him to break Strange’s spell) & puts Switchblade in agony (he must return to Maui to eliminate his pain); this gives the Redeemers time to find the counter spell in the Darkhold 

Morbius: The Living Vampire (vol.1; #12) “Midnight Massacre Pt4: The Bait”; Morbius Carrie’s a Lilin influence in his blood; Vicki Montesi died from Switchblade, Jack Russell visits Morbius; Jack tells him about Switchblade; kills Jack; kills Morbius

Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance (vol.1; #13) Midnight Massacre Pt5: Dead Man’s Tales”; Switchblade has killed Blaze, Vicki, Mordred, Hannibal, & Jack Russell & Morbius & absorbed all their powers; now Switchblade is drawn to the strongest magical emanation in the area… the Sanctum Sanctorum (where the Book is held); if Switchblade destroys it there’s no chance of him turning back into Blade; looks like SB killed GR w/ the Hellfire gun; Seer; seems GR sacrificed himself cause he knew SB would absorb his powers & GR is doing something to slow him down; Louise gets the Darkhold & resurrects all those who died fighting SB; the Book breaks SB’s curse; then the Book disappears from this plane of existence; seems like Louise Hastings gave up her soul to resurrect the others; cliffhanger w/ Seer; Seer talks to the Blood & they say they aren’t gonna back her if she chooses to get involved

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #12) little girl Diabolique kills a couple in a sacrifice to talk to the voice of Chthon; explains how Vicki started getting her visions—after the explosion that crippled her friend she started having visions; the voice tells Diabolique a secret about Vicki’s dad, Vittorio; Modred is back in London & is given a page from the Book by the dwarf; when he cites the words the Other takes the form of Mordred’s dead wife, Janice; the Other tells Mordred that they will exchange his soul for one equally as valuable; the woman the demon picks ends up being Janice (as an old lady) & before he realizes it, Mordred tricked her into giving up her soul; Modred loses his powers when he gets his soul back & Janice has his powers now; Mordred again offers his soul in place of Janice’s; the dwarf is an Imp

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #13) Vicki sees Nash in the hospital (her g/f who was crippled in a blast in the 1st issue); the dwarf offers Vicki an envelop to help Nash; Louise leaves to find the gateway that’s powering the Darkhold pages (& her soul); she’s going to Rome; Sam reads about a monstrosity attacking people; the creature is looking for Vicki; monster stabs Jinx & Vicki transforms into a demon

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #14) Vicki is transformed & makes Jinx’s soul rise out of him; Vicki saves Jinx; mentions Wundagore Mountain; Louise thinks she discovers the gateway in Cypress Hill, NY; Jinx becomes Mordred’s apprentice; Louise finds a letter in Vittorii’s office that says he’s sterile & can’t father kids; dwarf gives Sam a page that’ll make Vicki fall in love with him but he doesn’t use it & the dwarf is pissed; the monstrosity kills everyone in the recovery home except Nash; part of Vicki is the monstrosity; Vittorio isn’t Vicki’s dad… she’s not a Montesi; at the end Blaze calls Louise & tells her Lilith is back; this starts the Siege of Darkness crossover


Nightstalkers (vol.1; #14) “Siege of Darkness Pt1: The Storm Before the Storm”; Blade is pushed that he was told Lilith was dead but no one saw a body; all 9 is f the Midnight Sons meet to talk about Lilith; t try hey run into a group of Lilin; a mist is killing people; final panel… Lilith lives

Ghost Rider (vol.3; #44) “Siege of Darkness Pt2: Into the Mist”; the Lilin have returned with the mist; Lt. Michael Badilino transforms into Vengeance when evil is around; the cemetery is the source of Lilith coming back; when GR tried to kill Zarathos & Lilith he created a breach thru dimensional walls; the Lilin plan on spreading the mist through the world; Zarathos is fighting alongside Lilith; Zarathos is after GR’s medallion 

Marvel Comics Presents: Ghost Rider (vol.1; #143) “Siege of Darkness Pt3: Treachery”; GR, Blaze, & Vengeance are trying to get away from the demons but Pilgrim (a Lilin teleported) locked onto them & teleport them to a warehouse; Lilins Skitter & Girth; Lilith & Zarathos show up thru a portal; the 3 need to warn Morbius that he has a traitor among them

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #15) “Siege of Darkness Pt4: Requirm”; Speakeasy, a drug dealer killed by Punisher & brought back to life by Rev. Styge w/ the Darkhold; he feels that one of the Sons of Midnight is going to die; Louise, Modred, Jinx, &  are fighting the Lilin in Brooklyn; Blaze, GR, Vengeance, Vicki, Sam, & Strange are together; Louise thinks Morbius is the traitor; Louise is killed by the traitor, Morbius; issue alludes to Vicki possibly being pregnant

Morbius: The Living Vampire (vol.1; #16) “Siege of Darkness Pt5: Sanctuary Invasion”; there are forces that keep the light world from being overrun by the dark world; these forces are like walls & the 1st wall has crumbled & a shadowside, in the form of a mist, has invaded our world; the shadowside is home to Lilith & her Lilin); Louise is dead & Morbius is possessed by the Lilin, Bloodthirst; plan is to get Bloodthirst (in Morbius’ body) into the Sanctum; Zarathos is looking for the Medallion of Power being protected by Blaze, GR, & Vengeance; Martine Bancroft; the mist & the Lilin continue to spread across the world; Lilith wants to trade the lives of Drake, Jinx, Modred, & Blade for the Medallion of Power; Lilith orders Morbius to kill Strange; Strange encourages Morbius to fight against the Lilin inside him & he wins; 

Marvel Comics Presents (vol.1; #144) “Siege of Darkness Pt6: Like Family Like Enemy”; Morbius is still pretending to be Lilin so they don’t kill him, but now the Midnight Sons are trying to kill him; Martine (Morbius’ 1 time love & resurrected Lilin) realizes Morbius shook off his Lilin possessor & knocks her unconscious; Morbius leaves to find Blade to convince him he’s human again; GR & Blade attack Morbius thinking he’s still under Lilin influence

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; # 60) “Siege of Darkness Park 7: Scatter… & Sister Nil”; a new Lilin appears named Scatter; Sister Nil; Morbius kills Sister Nil

Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance (vol.1; #17) “Siege of Darkness Pt8: The End of the World As We Know It”; the Sanctum has fallen; the remaining Midnight Sons retreat to the Nightclub of the Blood; Strange tells them they all need to start fighting as a team or they’re going to lose; they are going to launch a direct attack on the source of the mist; Caretaker won’t help GR, Vengeance, & Blaze use the Medallion of Power to take out Zarathos; they’re fighting over the medallion & Morbius steals it; Caretaker ends up showing them how to harness the power of the medallion & they defeat Zarathos & close the gate to their dark dimension; the mist recedes & Strange seals off the Shadowside from our dimension forever; they get rid of Lilith & her a Lilin but before the gate was completely sealed The Fallen managed to come through; Caretaker tells Strange to go to the nightclub & find Seer & tell her The Fallen have returned

Nightstalkers (vol.1; #15) “Siege of Darkness Pt9: Bad Blood”; Lilith & her a Lilin are locked away in their dimension but the Sinister Supernatural Fallen made it thru the gate; Zarathos & the Fallen take Caretaker; possible death of Frank Drake

Ghost Rider (vol.3; #45) “Siege of Darkness Pt10: Blood”; the threat of the Shadowside is past but a new threat has risen: The Fallen;  the Fallen are Blood who were converted to Zarathos’a cause; Caretaker thinks Zarathos is going to try & convert the rest of the Blood; Seer says they need to get to the rest of the Blood before Zarathos does; Seer, GR, & Vengeance will find Patriarch (the oldest of the Blood); the Fallen will convert what Blood they can & kill the rest (who won’t convert) & then they will reshape the world to that of Zarathos’ will; Patriarch converts to Zarathos

Marvel Comics Presents (vol.1; #145) “Siege of Darkness Pt11: “Dust” & “Ashes”; picks up from Nightstalkers #15 where Blade & Frank are trapped in Cypress Hills Cemetery in the  catacombs after the explosion; they are being attacked by the Dust People, an ancient race of cannibals the Caretaker imprisoned in the catacombs; they escape & go to find the others to fight Zarathos & The Fallen; 2nd story stars Morbius: “Casualties of War”; the Fallen plan on destroying what remains left of Blood so they can conquer earth; Morbius is trying to find the Blood name James Raydar; Morbius finds a child Lilin left behind who is innocent; Hannibal wants to kill it but Morbius won’t let him; the Lilin dies & Morbius & King make peace w/ each other & team up to find Raydar; 3rd story, “Speakeasy”; Patriarch leads the Fallen & tells the the Midnight Sons are no threat but the Blood are; the most dangerous Blood are Raydar & Truthsayer; Zarathos kills Caretaker; Speakeasy attacks them in the Nightclub; Caretaker sent Speakeasy to tell them which Blood to protect; Caretaker provoked Zarathos to kill him so he could contact Speakeasy while dead

Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins (vol.1; #16) “Siege of Darkness Pt12: Devil in Disguise”; the Redeemers are tasked to protect Truthsayer & find her in a S. American jungle; Truthsayer tells them that Cypress Hill cemetery isn’t the origin of the gateway; they are attacked by the Fallen, Metarchus, a shape-shifting Fallen; Metachus takes Modred’s form & battles the real Mordred; Truthsayer “shows” Vicki the truth about the Malachy Prophesy but Vicki is still missing some of the pieces; before she could tell the whole truth Mordred killed Truthsayer; the Dwarf tells Modred that Vittorio is sterile but needed an heir to continue guarding the Book so he used a spell of fertility from the Book to plant a seed in his wife… but the baby wasn’t his, it’s Chthon

Morbius: The Living Vampire (vol.1; #17) “Siege of Darkness Pt13: Sacrifice & Redemption”; Morbius & King are looking for Raydar; Martine Bancroft is filling Morbius (she’s his former lover & is now the Lilin Parasite); the Fallen, Embyrre, is also looking for Raydar; Bloodthirst is the Lilin presence in Morbius; Embyrre is Raydar’s daughter & she forsakes Zarathos & joins the Blood & Midnight Sons

Marvel Comics Presents (vol.1; #146) “Siege of Darkness Pt14”; 1st story is “Masks”; GR finds Caretaker alive; it’s not Caretaker, it’s Metarchus (shape-shifter); Caretaker is still being held by Zarathos; 2nd story is “A Tale of the Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sin: White Letter”; the Malachy Prophesy says “A child born of no man & of no woman marked by sin, Daughter becomes mother, Then will the dark return begin”… they thought this referred to Scarletwitch but it’s actually Vicki; Vicki announces she’s pregnant & the “baby” is Chthon; Chthon’s murder it’s spawn, N’garai, attacks them; last panel has Strange appearing & helping Vicki

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; # 61) “Siege of Darkness Pt15: Sacrifice Supreme”; Salome we sone of the most powerful of the Fallen & was once the Sorceress Supreme; when battling against Zarathos, Salome absorbed energy intended for Z & bonded w/ earths biosphere & entered the earth dimension thru Cypress Hills cemetery; Salome feeds off despair like an emotional vampire; Salome’s magic is corrupting Strange’s; Salome kills Strange & the rest of the Midnight Sons battle her; Doc retreated into a null-space dimension & rebuilt his power & emerged as just “Strange” & defeated Salome by turning her own elemental magic against her

Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance (vol.1; #18) “Siege of Darkness Pt16; Spirit of Death”; GR, Vengeance, Blaze, & “Strange” lead the attack; Nightstalkers, Redeemers, Morbius, & Stacy Dolan (GR’s friend) charge against Zarathos; the battle will be fought in Cypress Hills cemetery; they find & rescue Caretaker; final battle is fought between Zarathos & GR; the 2 transport to Glastonbury, England, the fabled resting place of King Arthur (Avalon); others say this is where the King of the Elves live; GR & Zarathos do a lot of shit-talking but not much fighting; looks like Zarathos strips GR of his essence & absorbs his power; the other Midnight Sons arrive after GR dies (& Stacy finds out Dan was GR)

Midnight Sons Unlimited (vol.1; #4) “Siege of Darkness Pt17: Moral Courage”; before history the Midnight Sons were always there to fight the darkness like Lilith & Zarathos; fighting is the Vampires (Morbius & Hannibal King), Frank Drake (descendant if Dracula & wielding The Exorcist), Vengeance (one-third of an organic medallion of power), Blade, John Blaze (who also holds one-third of the medallion, Caretaker (one of the Blood who spawned the Fallen), & “Strange” (a dangerous embodiment of Doc); Zarathos celebrates his victory over GR; Embyrre mentions that Foundry was the true student of Zarathos back in the day & they should consult them; Caretaker & Raydar try to locate Foundry; Zarathos draws his energy from the Fallen so the key is to take them down 1st; Foundry has weapons that will kill the Fallen but they must be forged in Blood (the ancient race); Foundry makes the sword & names it “Justiciary”, The Judge, & gives it to Blade; Blade kills the Fallen, Atrocity; Patriarch & Metarchus also die; Zarathos is still siphoning negative energy from Embyrre; Raydar tries to kill Zarathos but he is struck down; the essence of GR that Zarathos absorbed was growing & gaining strength inside Z & now GR is powerful enough to take Z down from the inside; GR helps deplete Z’s energy & then Blade strikes him w/ The Judge sword & Z turns to stone; Lilith appears next to Z’s rock form & says she is preggers w/ Z’s offspring

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) (vol.1; #90) “Born Again?”; this issue kind of acts like an afterward & wraps up the Vicki/Chthon storyline; in a room in Dic’s mansion sits the cauldron & in it floats an esthetic duplicate of earth; he uses the cauldron to “feel” if there are any disturbances in the worl & feels in e in NYC; when he isolates the danger it’s located in his Sanctum; he feels a vibration in the house & I.D’S the source… Victoria; during the “Seige of Darkness” crossover, Chthon placed a spark of his being into Victoria Montessi (2 “S”s) & Doc placed her in a mystic stasis-field that stopped time itself so the baby never developed & was born; Chthon’s Midwife destroyed the stasis field & is there to deliver the baby; The Midwife altered Victoria’s bio-spiritual energies so if Doc puts her back into a timeless sleep, it’ll kill her; Doc makes it that if Chthon is born then Victoria will die & Chthon will perish as well; Doc amplified Victoria’s purity & it was too much for Chthon; the Midwife ends up helping Doc


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