Angus' Appendices - What Stan Lee Meant To Me

What If? (1977) #11
Welcome back kids and thanks for listening! Angus’ Appendices are supplemental one shots in between the monthly episodes that me and Ray do.  These one shots provide an opportunity to share supplemental material I gather during our reading, recognize events in the world of comics, and allow us to just connect on various comics related topics. In future shots there will be an occasional one issue comic read thrown in to provide quick reflections and spur discussion.

There could not be a more fitting way to kick off this first episode than to recognize the passing on November 12th of a comics legend and cultural icon Stan Lee. There will be plenty of articles that will provide us all with his professional accomplishments and analysis of what he meant to the world culturally but I want to know what he meant to you and all of us, the fans.

Silver Surfer - Parable

Now fellow Kids we want to hear from you:

What did Stan Lee mean to you?

What was your favorite Stan Lee creative collaboration or Marvel Character?

What was your favorite story arc or series he authored?

Please leave us a message or messages at Kirby’s Kids via the anchor app or send us an mp3 file to with your thoughts and we will share and reflect on them in a follow up episode of the community celebrates Stan and his legacy!


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