Comic Book Character Of The Month - Birds of Prey

Angus discovers the comic book that started it all for DC's all female superhero team Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey #1 in celebration of Birds of Prey being the Comic Book Characters of the Month for January. This dynamic pairing would spark one of the most successful runs of an all female team for DC and expand its readership in the process.  They would inspire a live action TV show, appearances in animated shows and next month will debut on the big screen with Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn).

The selection reviewed in this episode is:

Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey #1

The Birds of Prey legacy took flight right here in a one-shot issue pitting Oracle and Black Canary against an international crime ring that neither could have taken down on her own. But when they combine their efforts, these two super-stars of the DCU create one rip-roaring adventure!

Please join us for our additional read and discussion of:

Birds of Prey (2010-2011) Vol. 2: Death of Oracle

Oracle, Black Canary, Lady Blackhawk, Huntress and Dove: A collection of the world's most notable heroines, and one of the DC Universe's most impressive superteams. In an effort to conceal her identity from the world at large, the data specialist Oracle plans to fake her own death, but we all know what happens to the best-laid plans of mice and women...When her evil, scheming mirror image, the Calculator, hires a team of superpowered heavies to take out his nemisis, Oracle's plan puts her teammates right in the line of fire. Has the world's premier infojack completely lost control, or is it part of her master plan? Only the Oracle knows for sure.

January 15th - Death of Oracle Part 1 & 2

January 22nd - Death of Oracle Part 3 & 4

January 29th - Hostile Takeover Part 1 & 2

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