The Kids Talk - First Annual Kirby Roundtable - PART ONE

Ray, JJ, and Doc with an assist from Angus tackle the following questions as they review New Gods & OMAC in our First Annual Kirby Roundtable:

3 Questions on New Gods

Who was your favorite character? What was your favorite story arc? Why was New Gods, this comic book epic, so important to the DC Universe in terms of Story, Mythology, Characters, Art, etc.?

3 Questions on OMAC

Who was Kirby writing for (audience) when he authored OMAC? What are some of the important or futuristic themes that Kirby addresses in this run? Why is this work by Kirby often overlooked by readers and critics?

In this episode The Kids explore New Gods!

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Intro and Outro segments from 'NEW GODS ft. Jack Kirby' by Akira The Don


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