The Kids Present Diagnosis Multiverse - Doc's JSA Journey PART TWO

Doc and Angus conclude their discussion of Doc's Justice Society of America (JSA) Journey. The JSA would be a part of some of the most important events in the DC Multiverse as well as being the very first super hero team ever in the comic book pages! Please drop us a message on the anchor app or send us an mp3 or email to

Please share your impressions once you have read:

Doc’s Favorite Story Arcs in Various JSA Runs

Please note that you can just jump right into any of the below arcs.

America vs. Justice Society (vol.1; #s 1-4)

This is a 4-issue mini-series from 1985 that serves as a great catch up if you never read any of the Golden Age JSA adventures.

JSA: The Golden Age (vol.1; #’s 1-4)

This is a 4-issue mini-series from 1993-94. This is an Elseworlds story that has nothing to do with regular JSA continuity, but this is an amazing story!!

JSA (vol.1; #s 22-25) “The Return of Hawkman”

This comes from the 1999-2006 JSA run, and this is my favorite of all the JSA runs.

JSA (vol.1; #s 45-51) “Princes of Darkness”

A great arc with Kobra and Mordru as the main heavies.

JSA (vol.1; #s 56-58) & Hawkman (vol.4; #’s 23-25) “Black Reign”

Perhaps my favorite of this run’s arcs!!

JSA (vol.1; #s 73-75) “Black Vengeance”

This 3-part arc serves as a nice coda to the “Princes of Darkness” arc.

JSA Classified (vol.1; #s 1-4) “Power Trip”

This comes from the 2005-08 run. If you’re like me, you’re going to love Power Girl and want to know more about her origins. This is the arc for you!!

Justice Society of America (vol.3; #s 9-22) “Thy Kingdom Come” & “One World, Under Gog” arcs

Written by none other than Geoff Johns, in these 2 arcs (which makes one long, amazing story), the world of Kingdom Come is revisited. We go deeper into that world and its characters. Besides issue #s 9-22, this arc also includes Justice Society of America Annual (vol.3; #1) & three Justice Society of America Kingdom Come Specials.

Justice Society of America (vol.3; #s 36-40) “Fatherland”

This arc is not to be missed!! The JSA must battle a newly formed 4th Reich)

"Please note that the above arcs are the ones that immediately jumped out at me as being really amazing. Overall, you can’t go wrong with any of the Justice Society of America runs!! My favorite run was the 1999-2006 JSA (vol.1) run." - Doc

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