Comic Book Character Of The Month - Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals

Angus reviews this 7 issue story arc that chronicled Wonder Woman's origin and the reintroduction of her character onto Earth-2 post Crisis On Infinite Earths event. This was done in support of her highly anticipated sequel Wonder Woman 1984 film later this year which promises to delve into the 80's culture found in this graphic novel and her archenemy Cheetah.

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Wonder Woman (1987-2006) Vol. 1: Gods and Mortals

The Amazon Princess known as Diana--a.k.a. Wonder Woman--comes to the "Man's World" to defeat the God of War Ares. But there are now other threats lurking in the darkness... including the deadly Cheetah, who will stop at nothing to possess Wonder Woman's precious lasso of truth!
Diana of Themyscira faces foes from all fronts in this dynamic graphic novel by comics legends George PĂ©rez and Len Wein! Collects Wonder Woman 1-7!

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