Comic Book Character Of The Month - Rawhide Kid

Angus journeys Out West to wrangle with the Rawhide Kid! This 1960 reboot of the series with issue #17 chronicled Rawhide Kid's origin and the reintroduction of his character to the comics reading public after a 3 year absence. This would bring together the talents of writer/editor Stan Lee and artists Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers to form a dynamic creative team and breath new life into the character and westerns at Marvel.

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Rawhide Kid (1960-1979) #17 - #20

From the incomparable Stan Lee comes Rawhide Kid! This hidden gem brings the word "Western" to a whole new level. We find out if the "Rawhide Kid" himself is truly a cold-blooded killer, and his early origins before he became the lovable outlaw we know and love.

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