Crisis Hotline With Doc - The Final Night

You're on the Crisis Hotline With Doc and a brand new series for 2020 that will focus on all the Crisis events in the DC Universe. It is not a review program but rather a reader's guide and introduction to those events that highlights the importance of them to the DC Universe. In this third installment, Doc and Angus discuss The Final Night, a terrifying threat that can blot out the sun and plunge the world into eternal darkness. What will happen when there is no light?

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DC Universe: Final Night


Here is the complete reading list and reading order for The Final Night event. The books in red are essential to the core event. Books in green add to the core story, but are not essential. The books in blue are just tie-ins that only mention the event, but are in no way essential.

Final Night (vol.1) #1
Green Lantern (vol.3) (1993) #80
The Power of Shazam (vol.1) #20
Sovereign Seven (vol.1) #16
Superman (vol.2) #117
Final Night (vol.1) #2
Adventures of Superman (vol.1) #540
Batman (vol.1) #536
Green Arrow (vol.2) #114
Supergirl (vol.4) #3
Final Night (vol.1) #3
Action Comics (vol.1) #727
Aquaman (vol.5) #26
Detective Comics (vol.1) #703
Superboy (vol.4) #33
Parallax: Emerald Night (vol.1) 1-shot
Flash (vol.2) #119
Hitman (vol.1) #8
Legion of Super-Heroes (vol.4) #86
Robin (vol.2) #35
Spectre (vol.3) #47
Superman: The Man of Steel (vol.1) #62
Takion (vol.1) #6
Final Night (vol.1) #4
Green Lantern (vol.3) #81

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