Comic Book Character Of The Month - Captain Okita of Space Battleship Yamato - PART ONE

In celebration of Manga Month Angus reviews Space Battleship Yamato the classic collection by Manga and Anime legend Leiji Matsumoto. This foundational work would inspire the Space Battleship Yamato / Star Blazers anime that would influence the industry for decades to come! We are off to outer space ... Please drop us a message on the anchor app or send us an mp3 or email to 

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Space Battleship Yamato: Digital Edition 

Leiji Matsumoto's original science fiction masterpiece, first introduced to Western audiences as Star Blazers! It is the year 2199. The Gamilans, a hostile alien race, have bombarded the Earth, rendering it virtually uninhabitable and edging humanity to the verge of extinction. Mankind's last, best hope for survival is the Space Battleship Yamato, a legendary spaceship newly equipped with a faster-than-light drive and advanced weaponry. Its mission: to travel to the distant planet of Iscandar and obtain a mysterious device that could heal our planet. Can Yamato's ragtag crew traverse the galaxy, defeat an overwhelming alien force, and return home in time to save the Earth from certain destruction? 

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