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Angus reviews the documentary "CONAN The Making Of A Comic Book Legend" chronicling the creative story of Roy Thomas to bring Conan to the pages of Marvel and its popular culture legacy. Please drop us a message on the anchor app or send us an mp3 or email to

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CONAN The Making Of A Comic Book Legend

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Barbarian Life: A Literary Biography of Conan the Barbarian (Volume 1)

In thousands of four-color panels for Marvel Comics, Roy Thomas told the tale of Robert E. Howard’s greatest creation, Conan the Barbarian. Now, in this definitive biography and analysis, Roy chronicles Conan’s comic-book life, issue by issue, plot by plot, and artist by artist.

For ten years, from October 1970 when Roy and artist Barry Smith assembled the first issue of Marvel's Conan the Barbarian, to October 1980 when Roy and artist John Buscema completed their last issue together on the series, Thomas wrote of Conan's gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth—as well as the wars, the wenches, and the wizardry that bedeviled the Cimmerian from one issue to the next.

Whether you’re a Conan fan or a comics fan, you'll enjoy this in-depth look at a Marvel comic-book classic.


Conan The Barbarian Epic Collection: The Original Marvel Years - The Coming Of Conan

Collects Conan the Barbarian (1970) #1-13, material from Chamber of Darkness (1969) #4.

The greatest saga in sword-and-sorcery history begins! Born on a battlefield in the frozen lands of Cimmeria, Conan has spent his life fighting his way across the untamed Hyborian kingdoms — sparing no man, woman or wizard his wrath. His adventures will become legend. He will become king. He is - Conan the Barbarian! Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith brought Robert E. Howard's iconic creation to four-color life with work that set new standards for comic book storytelling. 

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