Comic Book Character Of The Month - GREEN LANTERN JOHN STEWART - Origin

Angus reviews the comic book origins of John Stewart throughout his 50 years in the series, in celebration of Green Lantern month. Please drop us a message on the anchor app or send us an mp3 or email to

The Graphic Novel of the Month for April is Green Lantern/Green Arrow

Discussion April 30th

The Comic Book Character of The Month for April is Green Lantern John Stewart!

We will read the following selections:

Green Lantern (1960-1986) #87 (Green Lantern/Green Arrow)

Justice League of America (1960-1987) #110

Green Lantern (1960-1986) #182

Green Lantern (1960-1986) #185

Green Lantern (1990-2004) #74

Green Lantern (1990-2004) #156

Green Lantern (2005-2011) #49

Discussion April 28th

*Bonus Retrospective Read & Review of Mosaic by Doc & Angus on a Kirby’s Kids episode in celebration of John Stewart!

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