Eternals Week Super Special - Kirby Eternals Roundtable Revisited

Angus concludes Eternals Week with an introduction to 2 new Eternals comic book issues (one a reprint of the original 1st issue by Kirby and the other an intro to the new Eternals series):   

Eternals (1976-1978) #1: Facsimile Edition

Eternals: Never Die, Never Win Edition (2021) #1

And the 2020 Kirby Eternals Roundtable Revisited: 

"In this episode Ray, JJ, Doc and Angus have a seat at the Kirby Roundtable and take on The Eternals.  They cover both Jack Kirby's initial run in The Eternals Vol. 1 along with the modern evolution of the mythos in Eternals by Neil Gaiman!

Jack Kirby Roundtable - The Eternals

The Eternals Vol. 1 - Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby reveals a secret history of heroes and horrors as humanity's cousins, the Eternals and the Deviants, vie to inherit the Earth! It's a time of titans, terror and time travel as only the King could conceive.

Eternals By Neil Gaiman

You are thousands of years old. You have amazing powers. You have watched civilizations rise and fall-- so why does no one remember any of this? Bestselling Author Neil Gaiman (Marvel: 1602, Anansi Boys, Sandman) is joined by superstar artist John Romita Jr. (Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine) to bring you - THE ETERNALS!! Ike Harris has dreams of adventures, love affairs and betrayals, but no one involved remembers or believes him. And who is trying to kill him to keep him from talking about it?"

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