Kids' Art Haus Cinema - Appendix N Month Authors - Dixon & Moench Double Feature

In the screening room Angus has a double feature of Chuck Dixon and Doug Moench. Our first video features Chuck Dixon explaining his process on how he adapt a literary work into a graphic novel and talks about his most successful adaptation The Hobbit. Our second video is an 'Into The Knight Podcast' interview with Doug Moench covering his early career at Marvel.

Ask Chuck Dixon #37

RETROSPECTIVE: Doug Moench Interview (June 2019)

Please join us in celebration of Appendix N Month:

Chuck Dixon's Graphic Novel of the Month adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic ...

The Hobbit

Doug Moench's Marvel Original Series ...

Comic Book Character Of The Month - Tyndall from WEIRDWORLD Warriors Of The Shadow Realm

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