The Kids Present Jack Kirby Month - MANHUNTER - 1st Issue Special Vol 1 Issue 5

Welcome to Jack Kirby Month 2022 Celebration on Kirby's Kids! We have a jam packed month of "King" sized goodness planned! In this episode Angus reviews another Kirby one shot character MANHUNTER from 1st Issue Special Volume 1 Issue 5!

1st Issue Special (1975-1976) #5 - MANHUNTER

Please join us for our additional reads to celebrate Jack and his comics legacy:

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August 24th - 1st Issue Special (1975-1976) #6 - DINGBATS of Danger Street

August 27th - Thor: Tales Of Asgard

August 31st - Kirby Roundtable - THOR

Thor Epic Collection: To Wake The Mangog

Thor by Walter Simonson Vol. 1 & 2

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Intro and Outro segments from 'NEW GODS ft. Jack Kirby' by Akira The Don


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