Comic Book Character Of The Month - Sturm Brightblade, steadfast Knight of Solamnia and veteran of the War of the Lance - Dragonlance

Angus explores Dragonlance Issue #1 and our comic book character of the month Sturm Brightblade in celebration of Appendix N Month in March. Dragonlance was a comic book produced by DC Comics under license from TSR. It featured new characters and stories in the world of Krynn, with appearances by some of the original characters from the Dragonlance books. The stories take place prior to the events of Dragons of Autumn Twilight. There were 34 issues published by DC from August 1988 – September 1991.

Comic Book Character of The Month - Sturm Brightblade

Graphic Novel of The Month - H.P. Lovecraft's Worlds: The Lurking Fear and Other Tales Vol. 1

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