Long Time Ago - Marvel Star Wars Legends Comics Series - Star Wars Issue #19 - The Ultimate Gamble!

Welcome to Long Time Ago, a journey into the Marvel Star Wars Legends Comics. Our host Angus first made the jump to hyperspace and a galaxy far far away by reading Marvel Star Wars Vol 1 Issue #9 and never looked back! Travel back to 1977 into the origins of the series and discover how comics has supported fandom and in some ways shaped the Star Wars universe.  This thirty-third episode reviews issue 19. On the gambler's paradise known as The Wheel, Han enters a gladiator contest known as The Big Game! We hope you enjoy this latest adventure in the journey! Please drop us a message on the anchor app or send us an mp3 or email to kirbyskidspodcast@gmail.com.

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Star Wars (1977-1986) #19




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Star Wars (1977-1986)


January - Issue #17

February - Issue #18

March - Issue #19

April - Issue #20

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October - Issue #26

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This series is dedicated in loving memory of Charley Lippincott, who George Lucas hired in late 1975 to join the first Star Wars production as Vice President of Advertising, Publicity, Promotion & Merchandising. He is responsible for Star Wars comics becoming a reality with Marvel! The Force will be with him, always.


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