Kids' Art Haus Cinema - Manga In Theory And Practice Part 1 - How Hirohiko Araki Makes a Character

In the screening room Angus reflects on How Hirohiko Araki Makes a Character in celebration of Manga Month! This 26 minute video created by xForts dives into the character creation process of Hirohiko Araki, the creator of the legendary status manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! 

In particular it covers Chapter 3 - Designing Characters from Araki's book 'Manga In Theory And Practice: The Craft Of Creating Manga'. Part 2 will be a formal review of the book covering the other chapters. This is fantastic insight into Araki's creative process.

How Hirohiko Araki Makes a Character

Manga in Theory and Practice: The Craft of Creating Manga

September - MANGA MONTH -JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 1 Phantom Blood Vol. 1

Comic Book Character Of The Month - Jonathan Joestar

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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