THE KIDS PRESENT KUDOS KIRBY - The Newsboy Legion - Star-Spangled Comics Issues 29 & 30

Welcome to Kudos Kirby, a comics journey into Jack Kirby’s lesser known works. Angus will be your guide through this monthly expedition to uncover those hidden gems from “The King of Comics” over 20,000 comic book pages! We hope you enjoy this latest adventure in the journey! 

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Angus reviews "Cabbages and Comics" from Issue 29 and "The Lady of Linden Lake" from Issue 30.

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Our 2023 Kudos Kirby Selection:

The Newsboy Legion by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby


We will read the issues in order covering 2 a month with the exception of August, Jack King Kirby Month, when we will review 4 issues from the collection.

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