Kirby's Kids Super Special - Madame Web in Spider-Man: Grim Hunt

Welcome back to Madame Web Week on Kirby's Kids! Angus gets caught up with Madame Web's appearance in Spider-Man: Grim Hunt! All in celebration of her cinematic debut this week in Madame Web!

Spider-Man: Grim Hunt


Collects Amazing Spider-Man #634-637. Kraven the Hunter died with a violent, misbegotten honor, stalking his greatest prey - Spider-Man. Now, two women claiming to be his wife and daughter have weakened Spider-Man through the Gauntlet while they prepare to attempt an unholy resurrection. Supporting characters: Madame Web (Cassandra Webb), Arachne / Spider-Woman / Madame Web (Julia Carpenter), AraƱa / Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon), and Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin).

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