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Angus journeys back to the Summer of 1991 and experiences the return of Deadpool in X-Force Issue #2. He then provides the following Marvel Multiverse RPG updates related to X-Force and Deadpool:

  • If you’re looking to get a real taste of X-Men Expansion, the full X-Force chapter will be available for free during this year’s Free RPG Day, next week on June 22nd.
  • The first official one-shot adventure Deadpool Role-Plays the Marvel Universe is in stores on July 17th.
  • Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game: X-Men Expansion will premiere at GEN CON 2024 August 1st through August 4th!

X-Force (1991-2002) #2

Tolliver wants to get his hands on some valuable Japanese software, so he hires Deadpool to retrieve it for him. Weapon X's mission is stop Deadpool at all cost!

The 'Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game' Developer Update #6 Covers Gen Con, X-Men Expansion, Deadpool and More


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Deadpool in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe


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